Catching up with Lexi

We’d really love to know the story behind Lexi. She is such a quiet spirit. She is very content to be in her kennel even though she has the run of  the house. She appears to be fully house-trained. Since last Wed, Lexi has now learned the basic commands to Sit, Come and Loose-leash Heel. We’re currently working on other commands like Down, JUMPing, Fetch, Bring, Drop…. and on and on. She seems to get some things nearly immediately and at times you wonder if you just imagined training her!

But I think you get some of that with a 10 month old pup with a sketchy past.

We have been spending loads of time with her.  She goes to the dog park often, we take her on all of our dog training appointments and are trying to socialize her as much as possible.

More tomorrow (I hope)!


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