Fun at Garage Sales

Okay, I’ll be honest right off the bat. I am sure there are home owners who would prefer that you don’t bring your dog to their garage sale. But as we work with our ‘new’ addition, Lexi, we find it a great way to socialize her and reinforce training.

This last Saturday there were two allotment-wide garage sales in our area. For me, that’s like saying, “Hey, there’s a dog obedience exercise in our neighborhood this weekend!”- Okay, I’ll be there!

As you’ve read before, Lexi has been progressing from learning to Heal, to loose-leash, to off-leash. As a professional dog trainer, it is soooo cool to walk up a long drive with your German Shepherd off-leash (healing at your side), hearing people comment on how well behaved, etc., then hear, “oh my gosh, Fred, that dog isn’t on a leash!” I love that!

This also gives us a great opening to talk about training, obedience and dogs in general. On a totally different subject, I also love to ride motorcycles. Coincidentally, two things people love to talk about are dogs and cycles! It’s so easy with a well trained, obedient dog to start conversations with people!

I think I could’ve sold Lexi about 10 times on Saturday. NO chance! She is such a sweet dog and GREAT with kids. I always ask parents if it’s okay for their kids to pet her. If positive, it gives us a great chance to make sure the kids know and understand their ABCs. No, not those ABCs; whenever we can, we teach kids AABC: Always Ask Before Cuddling (any animal); first ask your parents, then have your parents ask the pet owner before proceeding!

In any case, look for opportunities to train your dog and work them a bit. Most dogs love to learn new things and practice old things. And make sure your pooch can handle the responsibility you give it!


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