She Makes Me Laugh

Dogs are such a great gift to us humans. There are many reasons. Maybe I’ll take a few blog posts here and give you my take on those reasons. Would love to hear what your reasons are, too.

We all think of guard dogs and lap dogs or therapy animals as great reasons dogs are around us. But one thing I’ve noticed about Lexi (our German Shepherd) and our last dog, Buddy (Golden Retriever/Yellow Labrador mix), is they always seem to be doing something that gives us a reason to smile, giggle, or laugh out loud!

I’m sure there’s a perfectly good psychological reason that someone has figured out, but I think it’s just that we come at the world from different perspectives, so we often expect the dog to see and react to the world in the same way we do.

But whatever the reason, they are fun. On Saturday night, we got home from a great motorcycle ride, tired and ready to relax. It was as if somebody said, “Lexi, You’re on!” She was doing all kinds of goofy things. We’d gotten her a small ball (around 5″ diameter) which was big enough that she had to work to get it in her mouth. For days we’d been trying to get her to play with it. (Readers of past blogs may remember that we got Lexi out of a pound near us and she really didn’t “know” how to play. So Saturday night, she decided to play with the ball. With that concentration it didn’t take long till one of her canines punctured the ball and it deflated. She pushed on the ball and it went a little flat. She hit it with her nose to roll it. It didn’t budge. She just stood over it and stared at the ball for like 20-30 seconds. It was so fun to watch her try and figure out why the ball didn’t want to play with her anymore.

From time to time that night, as the ball naturally went back to looking inflated, she’d decided it would play more and of course as soon as she’d go to pick it up, it would go flat and she’d stare again.

And there was the moth that flew down our chimney into the fireplace. THAT was interesting to watch. The ants crawling on the porch, and more.

Whenever we start training another dog, it’s always fun to listen to the stories owners tell about their dog’s quirks. Got any to add?

Today we started working with Amanda’s dog, “Big Red”. Big Red is a one year old ‘red’ Husky. He is smart and beautiful! But, willful. So we will work on that. By the end of our session today, he was already starting to ‘get’ “Heal” and a looser leash!! I’m always amazed at how much our companions want to please us and learn! Remember consistency is the key!


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