Gone to the Dogs…

So, who’s out there? I had hoped that writing a dog blog might help:
          1) Draw others with similar interests
          2) Get comments from others
          3) Maybe bring a client or two

Maybe it’s too early? Maybe I write lousy blogs? Maybe I’m not holding my tongue right when I type? Dunno.

At first, I’d planned to write a short blog every day. Even though for years I’d operated a web business and consulted with clients about the danger of starting a blog or newsletter without sufficient content, you already know that I did.

I mean, how hard can it be to write about my dogs for a bit every day??

Harder than I’d ever imagined. Now, I’ve been consistent with once a week and am really wishing I could write more. I love to write, it’s just that I love to be working and playing with the dogs so much more than writing that I find stopping to write about them is a distraction from our daily routine.”

How about you? Do you enjoy the blog? Have something you’d like me write about? Lemme know – I’d greatly appreciate your ideas! And if you are on FaceBook and can join our page as a fan, I’d appreciate that too!


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