The GULP Follow-Up

Last week we gave you a tip about helping your dog slow down when eating. I love acronyms like the military does. Not that they mean much in our case, but they are fun. Last week I was struggling for an effective “definition” for G.U.L.P. Quite frankly mine sucked. My amazing editor, Michele, saved my sorry excuse for one with, “Gobbles Up Large Pawfulls in Seconds”.

This week, I thought I’d post a short follow-up about our success. First off, I’m beginning to believe that while you can help a dog not eat as fast. I’m not sure that you “break” them of that. We’ll see. However, our challenge was to get our Golden Retriever, Murphy, to actually, maybe taste his food as he GULPed it down.

If you remember, getting the dog’s saliva involved in the process is important, so the more they chew dry food, the better. So while we were out on the motorcycle last weekend, we looked for various spots to get some well washed rocks. A nice stream or river bed near you may work. My editor, Michele, also suggested a craft store/Wal-mart or wherever you can buy rocks for those fountain things. We even saw some around a railroad bed. An obvious note of caution here; beware of where (and what for that matter) you pick up! I’d use something non-chemical (no soaps, etc) and scrub the rocks a bit before use.

And of course, as we all know, size does matter, so again- only get larger rocks that your dog could not possibly swallow. For those of you wanting more details, we’ve posted a page with pictures on our site. The obvious thing here is that the more the dog works to get to the food, the longer they’ll take to eat.

I posted 15-20 seconds for Murphy to eat, but I really don’t think it took that long. Before I could walk 25 feet into my kitchen, he was done. The end result is Murphy taking well over a minute to eat. I know I feel better that at least his digestion should be improved!

A couple interesting tid-bits not on the website. Lexi, our German Shepherd, seems to like rocks. So now as soon as Murphy is done eating, I have to pull his bowl, or I find Lexi ‘borrowing’ his rocks. It’s aways something, eh?


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