Good (OFFICIAL) Morning from Tennessee!

We love Tennessee. We’ve moved to the Elizabethton, Tennessee area. Between the mountain and the river, we LOVE it here!

Tomorrow will mark three weeks ago that I rescued Axle from the pound in Cambridge, OH (just before moving to Tennessee). It’s been amazing to watch his transformation from “a dog” to “my dog”. As German Shepherds are known to do, he has bonded well and is now off-leash in the yard all the time.

While at the pound, he had shown no recognition of human commands. Now he knows (most with hand signals) Sit, Down, Come, OFF, Drop and more. We’re working on “holding”. I don’t teach a dog to “stay”. They are taught to hold the last command- so when told to “sit”, for example, they are to hold that without a “stay” command.

He’s learned to Wait at the door (no command anymore), Speak on command (hand signal) and more. I’m so proud of him.

Axle loves to chase and gnaw on the stick

Axle loves to chase and gnaw on the stick

He really loves to run and play! I attached a short video here. It’s fun to watch a big dog run with a stick that probably weighs more than some toy dogs! Well, time to run.

If you need help with dog obedience in the area of Elizabethton, Tennessee; Johnson City, Tennessee; Kingsport, Tennessee, Bristol, Tennessee- anywhere in the Tri-Cities area (in Tennessee), even into North Carolina or Virginia, please call us at (423) 930-8191 or visit our website at


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