All about Perfectly Pawsible

About the business…

We love dogs.  And those that behave, listen to their owners and are always good citizens, we love even more. To be honest, we do love ALL dogs, but it’s the owners that understand how to manage their dog(s) to behave, listen and keep their dogs being good citizens who we love even more.

We truly believe that dogs are a direct reflection on the expectations of their environment. That’s why we love working with great owners that want to have their beloved pets be good canine citizens!

We believe each human pack/dog combination has unique needs. Every owner, family and dog have personalities that mesh in unique ways and no one method will work everywhere. Therefore, we believe that we HAVE to get to know each owner/pet in the environment that they are affected by each day. Only after careful evaluation do we suggest a course of action and sit down with the owner to confirm their goals and final expectations.

We work “one on one” with each owner (any and all human pack members living with the dog) and dog(s). There are many places and options for socializing your pet, we’re about working with you to achieve your goals for your family and pet.


About Owner/Trainer, Grant Holmes…

Grant and Lexi

Grant and Lexi

Owner Grant Holmes is a somewhat serial entrepreneur having created and operated several businesses from a 7-time award-winning construction company, a ‘people’ training business, an entertainment/production company, and Perfectly Pawsible, Professional Dog Obedience Training that gets Results, NOW! Why dog training? As Grant says, “It’s really not dog training. It’s obedience repetition for the dog and ‘how to’ training for their human keeper. That’s why we say, ‘Obedience for dogs…Training for humans’.”


About Trainer, Aaron Holmes…

Aaron and Lexi

Aaron and Lexi

Aaron has a very gentle spirit and dogs really like Aaron. He gets each dogs’ particular needs pretty quickly and dogs respond well to him. Aaron loves to cuddle with his ‘pup’ Lexi and loves to meet new owners and help establish what will work best for their dog. Aaron currently attends college and also works for a local restaurant. Aaron’s real love is working with dogs!



One Response to “All about Perfectly Pawsible”

  1. Kelly Bandy Says:

    Please help me! I have a two year old Boston Terrier, named Barney. He is extremely smart however very hyper. I feel that he is trainable yet I do not know where to begin. Could we set up an appointment to discuss my concerns and for you to possibly evaluate him? Your help would be appreciated…….

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