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Cold Weather Blues

January 5, 2010

This is the time of year (at least here in NE-Ohio…) that we all love! Okay, maybe not. I’m sure there are some of you that like to ski, snowmobile, shovel snow, and all the other fun winter sports! It’s also a time when many dogs love to go out and play!

My two dogs are loving the snow. For some reason, Lexi HAS to bite the snow as she runs around bounding over snow drifts. She and Shayna love to wrestle in the snow.

I’m often asked about dogs being outside and how long and about sweaters or covers and such. First, your veterinarian is a great source of information on how much exposure your dog might handle, but even then, guidelines are likely all you’ll get.

It’s a balance between your outside temperature, wind factors and your dog’s size, coat and activity level. A four pound hairless dog at 6 degrees sitting on your porch in the wind is going to last about 3 minutes. Okay, I really don’t know how long, but we have to use common sense! There are many dogs that have dual coats; the under coat for warmth, the outer coat for shedding water, etc. Maybe you have a short-haired boxer that only weighs 35 pounds. Say it’s only 30 degrees outside, but the dog is your jogging partner. If it’s not windy and you actually jog, your dog may very likely generate enough heat to not get cold during your run. However, if you cool down/walk the last 3 minutes to your home, your boxer could get chilled as they try to make the transition.


There is no one right answer. Both of my dogs are basically built for colder weather. Big, furry, dual coated dogs. But I just don’t leave them out forever either. The other day, they were at a friend’s home. It was about 28 degrees or so. They played outside for almost 90 minutes with another German Shepherd and they never stopped running. They made a bee-line for the water dish when they did come in, but LOVED being outside playing!!


Quite frankly, I’ve never quite understood how dogs react to temperature. My old dog, Buddy, was 1/2 Golden Retriever and 1/2 Yellow Lab. In the summer, he would go outside and lay in the direct sunlight in the gravel driveway when it was 80 degrees. Then he’d come inside and sleep by the air conditioning vent. Go figure!

My advice: Read up on your breed’s capabilities. Use common sense. Keep an eye on your dog.


Unintended Observations

June 22, 2009

It’s really interesting to me to watch what animals do when not ‘attended’. Saturday, I spent most of the day working on my motorcycle and mini-van. The mini-van is Lexi’s (our German Shepherd Dog (GSD)) home away from home. She LOVES to jump in the back and go places. As a Dog Trainer, Lexi goes on 98% of our calls to clients or initial prospect calls. And generally it seems she just loves to ride and look out the windows.

So as I set up Saturday to work on the rolling stock, I opened up the back mini-van hatch and started working on the bike. I tend to scatter around when I work, so let’s just say I have a messy brain? Anyhow… I went into the house to get a tool or something and Lexi wanted to come outside with me. It was really humid here in NE Ohio, but I figured, “why not?”

Lexi saw the back of the van open and ran over and jumped in! Not that her jumping in the back of the van is unusual. But as I continued to work on the van and the cycle, she just stayed in the van. In some ways, I think she was afraid that if she got out, she’d miss a trip, but otherwise, I really think she was just happy and content there and didn’t see any reason to move.

This is where we wish we knew more about her. If you remember we rescued her from a local pound. Other than knowing that she’s a GSD and female, anything else is a guess. However, in some ways I think this is good. It keeps us in the here and now. It allows us to help her socialize more and become a puppy, learn how to play and more.

So, watch your pooch. See what they like. Might be fun to chat about!

Bow Wow Boogie was an Honor

June 8, 2009

Hope you won’t mind a break from chatting about dogs! Saturday night I was a featured performer at the Akron, OH Humane Society’s “Bow-Wow Boogie” USO-style show. 

Grant singing at the Bow Wow Boogie USO Variety Show June 6, 2009

Grant singing at the Bow Wow Boogie USO Variety Show June 6, 2009


If there is anything I like better than working with dogs, it’s singing. If you’re not familiar with my singing or style, visit  The event was really well attended, the weather was perfect and everyone seemed to have a great time!


Grant with 'Marilyn Monroe' at the Bow Wow Boogie USO Variety Show

Grant with 'Marilyn Monroe' at the Bow Wow Boogie USO Variety Show

We had entertainment from dancers to a harmonica band, Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra impersonators and more! What a fun night! I did two songs from my new CD (available here) , “Since I Fell for You” and “I’ve Got a Crush on You”. On both songs, I had a nice full dance floor. They are great songs to slow dance to. Thanks to all that supported the event!


So, let’s talk about dogs for a second. The really cool thing about this event was the cause it supported. When troops are sent on their tours of duty, many have pets and are immediately faced with the question of, “What do I do with my pet while I’m stationed (wherever)?” This event supported an effort to support families that would foster their pets while away. What a great cause. The sacrifice of those that choose to serve us is beyond what many of us understand, and being able to support them and that cause is an honor.

June 6th Bow Wow Boogie USO Variety Show

May 20, 2009

Egads! I almost forgot. On June 6th, I (Grant Holmes) will be performing for a USO style variety show benefiting the PAWSibilities Humane Society of Greater Akron. If you are in the North East Ohio area, consider coming out and supporting the cause!